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Our dogs are willing partners to our homesteading venture.  For stock and property protection, critter extermination, and hours of amusement and companionship.  We also occasionally produce an amazing litter of these working dogs. Puppies are just irresistible!

Parson Russel Terriers

These feisty and loving dogs are loyal companions and diligent vermin eliminators. They are not the breed for everyone, but we will always have a long legged "Jack Russel" In our lives.  We breed for health and a larger farm dog size at the top end of the breed standard, since we don't hunt for foxes in New Mexico, and do need dogs who are too large for birds of prey and coyotes to carry off.  No shorties here!  More here on the breed, training, and pictures soon!

Anatolian Shepherd Dog


These intelligent and calm dogs originate in Turkey, bred as livestock guardians for sheep and goats.  They are said to be able to kill wolves and lions, but are also very gentle with stock and children. Here in the Desert mountains we have mountain lions, bear, and coyotes to guard against.   More here on the breed, training, and pictures soon!

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