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2019 Puppies - (no longer available


Finnegan (foreground) and Fiona's first litter of 3 lovely females were born August 6th.  They will be ready to go to their new homes after October 1st.  All are litter and crate trained and should be easy to housebreak. (6 1/2 weeks & 11 weeks old, in these pictures)  These puppies are raised in our home, well socialized and handled regularly, cuddled and kissed,  taken outside in the sunshine every day for an hour or two to meet the outside dogs and keep senior members of the family entertained.  They have been dewormed and have had their first vet exams, and shots.   

Shasta - Female - SOLD

This sweet girl is the smallest of the litter, although not really a runt, as she is larger than her mother was at the same age.  She is very curious and was the first to venture out of the whelping box.  Although she enjoys a good wrestle like her other two sisters, she is the most likely to walk away from a tussle. 


6 1/2 weeks

Emmy - White Female with eye spot - Sold

This adorable girl is the smartest of the litter, the first to learn how to use the litter box and the one who guards the crate door as a sentinal to see if anyone is coming with food.  Her distinctive eye patch is the only marking she has so far, may get a few freckles on one ear. She is a bit of a snuggle bug, happy to be held and kissed. She is living in Minnesota with her new owner now.


6 1/2 weeks

Molly - White Female with ear spot -
(Kept for our breeding program)

Molly Malone - This energetic girl is the largest of the litter, the instigator of most wrestling matches and the terror of the toys.  She is the most independent of the three, marching off to explore before returning to the group for some puppy kung fu. Her only markings are on one ear, one M & M sized dot and a few freckles. She feels more solid than the other two, and may be a bit more muscular like her Dad.


6 1/2 weeks

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