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2020 ASD Puppies - (No longer Available)

Aspen and Angus' first litter arrived 2/28/2020 - 4 males, 3 females all strong and large healthy pups which will be ready to go to new homes 4/24/2020. Four look like they will be the classic fawn with black mask, three are brindle or pinto with dutch white markings. This purebred litter is registered with  the AKC, we are asking $1,100.00 per puppy which includes the $100 deposit.

Freak spring snow on 4/13, puppies are 6 weeks (JRTs 7 weeks)

Older video from when they were 2 weeks old.

The larger picture is from 4 weeks old, the smaller red picture is from 2 weeks.  They are beginning to wrestle a ittle and are eating puppy mash already, still a little wobbly on their legs. But they are beginning to interact with the humans and other family dogs, trying to nurse from the Jack Russell momma which is only fractionally taller than they are.  They average about 9 lbs already! Quite a big teddy bear to hug and hold, of course it wont be possible to pick them up soon!


SOLD - Yellow - This big boy is the biggest of the litter, and the darkest.  We are not sure if he will be brindle or just a darker fawn. He also has a white blaze on his chest. He may have the thicker coat from his mother. He will be moving to Albuquerque soon.


SOLD - Pink - This darling girl should be a classic fawn and black mask with the mother's thicker coat. She is the smallest of the litter, should top out at 80-90 lbs. She is the most social of the group, the first one out of the box at feeding time, and the one who always finds a way out, happy to drape herself over your shoe as you're cleaning their pen.


SOLD - Purple - This handsome pinto boy has dutch markings - white legs, white on his muzzle, chest and neck, and the tip of his tail. He will be a big boy.  The Grandfather on the mother's side was also a pinto.

No longer available - Orange - This little girl should be a classic fawn and black mask, like her momma and papa, but with the father's shorter coat , and possibly his profile. She is joining our breeding program.


SOLD - Green This boy should be a classic fawn and black mask anatolian. He has a white blaze on his chest which I'm not sure will stay to adulthood. I think he will also have his father's shorter coat. Looks just like papa at his age


SOLD - Blue - This sweet pinto girl has white legs and white on her muzzle, neck and chest. She has a white tip of the tail too! She is the second largest pup in the litter. She is living in Corrales NM now!


SOLD - Red - This fine boy is the also a big pup, should be a classic fawn and black mask anatolian with Momma's full coat. Not sure he will keep the white blaze. He is living to a large property in Rio Rancho.

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