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Parson Russell Puppies 2020 Summer Litter

(no longer available)

Molly's first litter was born on 7/12/2020 and will be ready to go to their new homes at 8 weeks old, after 9/6/2020.  We have one girl, and two boys. They are purebred, tall Parson Russell Terriers, UKC registered litter with a champion line  on the grandmother's side.  We are asking $800 for each as they are lovely pet quality puppies not suitable for breeding. These are NOT shorties!

They received Early Neurological Stimulation exercises as very young puppies, a method used by the US military for their K9 dogs to produce calmer dogs and to help them better cope with stressors. Of course, these puppies are not going to defend our country's honor, but many breeders hope it will improve puppy performance in training and intelligence.  As our first litter to receive this training, I have yet to say if there is a marked difference, but I did notice puppies using the litter box earlier than my other litters.

Please note - we do not dock tails or dew claws.

6 week old update video

SOLD - This boy has a tricolor mask, very sweet guy, the calmest puppy of the litter. Pictures at 4 weeks old. See the video above for more recent pictures.  He will be moving to California soon.

SOLD - This little boy is all white with no spots at all, and a few ounces smaller, but the first to learn how to use the litter box.  Very cuddly and sweet!  I'll post more updates as their personalities develop. He is living in Nogales, AZ now.

SOLD - This is the only girl in the litter, with a brown patch over one side of her head and one whole ear, and a spot on the other, some minor spots on the nose. She is slightly larger than the two boys, Pics at 4 weeks. She is joining her family in Minnesota.

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