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Parson Russell Puppies (no longer available)

Fiona and Finnegan's 2020  litter is here!  They were born 2/21/2020 and will be ready to go to their new homes at 8 weeks old, after 4/17/2020.  We have two girls, and one boy, the boy is completely white so far and may be a slight broken coat, one completely white female, also possible broken coat, and the last female is a smooth coat,  has a half mask, may be tricolor.  They are purebred, Parson Russell Terriers, UKC registered litter with a champion line  on the mother's side.  We are asking $1,100 for each.


Here's some video from 5-6 weeks old:

Here's an earlier video from 2 weeks old.  Note we do not dock tails or dew claws.

SOLD - very sweet and cuddly, but also quite active.  She is the largest puppy of the litter, expected to be 14-15" tall and up to 20 lbs, muscular like her pop.  Ada (AKA Edelweiss, small and white!) is now living in Washington state.


All grown up!

SOLD - This little girl is the only one with a mask in this litter.  She is very vocal and likes to let the other two know she's in charge, despite being slightly smaller, although not a runt at all.  I believe she will take after her mother's refined looks. Poppy is now living in near Phoenix.


All grown up!

SOLD - This is the only Boy in the litter, all white so far.  He has the cutest curled tip of his tail! Pics at 5 and 2 weeks. Finn is now living in Colorado with his new family.

5 Weeks

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