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Havenstead's  Parson Russel Terriers

These feisty and loving dogs are loyal companions and diligent vermin eliminators. They are high energy and sometimes obsessive, making them not the best breed for everyone. We will always have a long legged "Jack Russel" in our lives.  We breed for health and a smooth coat, larger farm/ranch dog size, since we don't hunt for foxes in New Mexico, and do need dogs who are too large for birds of prey and coyotes to carry off.  We don't dock tails or clip dew claws either. No small shorties here!

Our Dams

Havenstead's Fiona

UKC registered, DNA tested

13", 14lbs

Fiona is a sweet tempered girl, calm and curious, extremely loyal.  A little slow to warm up to house guests, loves games of ball chasing and long walks in the woods. She is a little smaller than we hoped but has been a wonderful mama, teaching her puppies manners, with trouble free welps.


Havenstead's Molly Malone

UKC registered, DNA tested

15", 18lbs


Molly is a tall, lean and athletic girl, a little retrospective.  She is an excellent hunter, and prefers to spend her day outdoors rather than on the couch.  She has been a good mother

Our Sire

Havenstead's Tim Finnegan

UKC registered, DNA Tested

15", 22 lbs

Finnegan is a mild tempered boy, very affectionate with family members and other dogs, but does like to spar with our Anatoians to get in great bursts of running and dodging.  Friendly with guests, obsessive with ball chasing, great hiking companion. Surprisingly patient papa with his progeny, takes naps with them and explores gopher holes with them.

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