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ASD Puppies Available

Angus' and Aspen's latest litter  arrived 6/6/21 - we have 7 healthy pups, 3 male and 4 female who will be ready for their new homes after their first shots and full vet exam on August 5th 2021.    Please keep checking this page  for updates, more pictures and videos coming soon. 


We do still have one handsome and affectionate male available from the last litter - see him below 


Mom and Dad are AKC registered, both have clean DNA tests and good Penn-hip scores for low risk of hip displaysia. We will supply a copy of the tests for your record, as well as copies of their pedigrees, AKC paperwork to register your puppy, and other useful information.

We are asking $1,100 for each puppy excluding any delivery fees.

You'll notice three Parson Ruseell Terrier pups in some of the videos as well - its interesting to see how gentle the big puppies are with them (despite the terriers roughness with them) and the mother's patience with the annoying little puppies that are not hers. Amazing how fast the terriers are compared to the Anatolians, the Anatolian puppies even wrestle in slow motion! Once adult, though, they are wicked fast, flying across the yard in seconds!

We do Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) with all our puppies to help them develop mentally a little faster and be more adaptable to stresses, possibly improve performance, trainability, and health.   We use the method used by the US Military for their K9 units - click the button for more info:


10 weeks

Still available:

Grey - Male - Available!

This big  boy is at 112 lbs and still growing, he is more reserved, watching and calm. He will have his mother's full coat. He was held for a family that decided now was not a good time to add a puppy to their home, but will make a great combo guardian/companion.  He is a happy boy, affectionate yet watchful. He has mild entropion in his eyes (inward curling eyelids)  we are waiting to see if it will resolve itself as his skull finishes growing. If he does need surgery to correct, we will pay for that or have it done before going to a new home, a very simple procedure with a week recovery.  Very handsome, affectionate and sweet boy with a lovely thick coat like his mother's. In the 8 month video, he was recovering from a rattlesnake bite, so he is the one without a collar and with a shaved leg from the IV.  He is recovering doing just fine, as you can see, running and playing 4 days after the event.



Latest Litter - 7 weeks old

Here are the latest pictures of each puppy. They averaging 17 lbs and are all very playful and trip me when I feed them, I believe this is the friendliest litter we've had, which makes taking video difficult as they mob anyonebut being large dogs they do it all in slow motion.   I'll update the comments and more pictures as they continue to develop.

Black - Female - SOLD!


7 weeks
This Little girl is still the smallest of the litter at almost 15 lbs.  She will probably stay at about 100lbs at full size.  She is very calm and friendly, but not afraid to defend herself in daily puppy tussels

Blue - Male - Sold!


12 weeks

This Big boy will be moving to colorado soon!

Forest Green - Male - SOLD!

3 weeks

This Big boy with dutch markings is the largest puppy in the litter at 6lbs 13oz.  He is walking more than the others already and is likely to be 130-140 lbs when adult.

Red -Female - SOLD!


7 weeks

This big girl is the second largest female at 17.2 lbs. She will likely have her father's shorter coat. She is affectionate and sweet, but not above wrestling with the rest of the pack. She will make an excellent guardian with her calm watchfulness.

Green - Female - Sold!


7 weeks

This sweet girl is 17 lbs now, and will definately have her mother's longer coat. She is happy go lucky, tolerates a lot of attention and is very calm. She will be a great family member or guardian. 


Steel - Male - Available!


12 weeks

This boy will  make a solid guardian and we hope to find hi a home with a solid job.  He is the smartest of the bunch, and usually is watching the perimeters and the first to find the gaps in our fences!

Sky Blue - Female - Sold!


7 weeks

This big girl is still the largest of the litter at 19 lbs. She is a very calm thinking girl, and will make an excellent guardian.  She is friendly but I believe she will make a great working dog.

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