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ASD Puppies Available

Angus' and Aspen's latest litter, born on 11/15/2020 are here! They had 4 females and 5 males. Only one male is left, and he is pending sale.  I've been enjoying their antics and taking them on chores with me, both are very good with poultry now and enjoy most of the day weather permitting hanging out with their parents and older sister.  See their updated 11 week old pictures below!   They are very interested in whatever the humans are doing, still using litter box while indoors.   We are selling these pure bred puppies for $1100.00, and they will be ready for their new homes after January 13th, 2020 (after their vet exams and first set of shots.)

Mom and Dad are AKC registered, both have clean DNA tests and good Penn-hip scores for low risk of hip displaysia. We will supply a copy of the tests for your record.s

We do Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) with all our puppies to help them develop mentally a little faster and be more adaptable to stresses, possibly improve performance, trainability, and health.   We use the method used by the US Military for their K9 units - click the button for more info:


11 weeks

(Scroll to see older videos of this litter)


Still available:

Grey - Male - Available!

This big  boy is at 35 lbs, he is more reserved, watching and calm. He will likely have his mother's full coat. He was held for a family that decided now was not a good time to add a puppy to their home, but will make a great combo guardian/companion.  He is a happy boy, affectionate yet watchful.


11 Weeks

SOLD - no longer available

Red- Female (formerly known as Cream until she lost her collar) - Sold!

This little girl was the smallest of the litter but caught up with her sisters by the time she was 8 wees old. Now she is only slightly smaller than her brother below. She is very calm and watchful, and is very affectionate. 


11 weeks

Lucille Meridius - Purple - Female SOLD - no longer available

This was the last puppy born of the litter, and started out 2 ounces smaller than the rest, but she wasted no time in catching up and is solidly in the middle of pack at 12 lbs at 5 wks. She seems to have her father's shorter coat. She is the social one of the group, always the first to greet and initiate play. She will be moving to Colorado soon. 1/3/21 - now 16.6 lbs - tied with 2 other sisters!


5 1/2 weeks

Pink - Female - Sold - no longer available

This sweet girl is currently the largest female by a hair, at 12.6 lbs at 5 wks, She will definitely have her father's shorter coat. She is also very friendly and playful. 1/3/21 - now 16.6 lbs - tied with 2 other sisters! She will be moving near Angel Fire soon.


5 1/2 weeks

Moose - Green - Female - SOLD - no longer available

This big girl is now the second largest girl, at 12.4 lbs.  She has a white tip to her tail which she is likely to keep! She is quite interested in wrestling with her brothers and keeping up with the action in the pack. She will be staying with her new family in Edgewood NM.  1/3/21 - she is now 17 lbs, still the largest girl.


5 1/2 weeks

Atlas - Black - Male - SOLD - no longer available

This boy was the smallest of the litter, but now is larger than all but one female at 12.6 lbs.  He is very active with wrestling and definitely one of the gang. He will be moving to Albuquerque's west side soon. 1/3/21 he is now 18.4 lbs.


5 1/2 weeks

Comet - Yellow - Male - SOLD - no longer available

This big boy was the first to open his eyes. He sports a lighter coat, which might also be the father's shorter coat. He is tied for second largest at 13.6 lbs 1/3/21 he's now 18.4 lbs. Comet will be moving to Albuquerque soon.


5 1/2 weeks

Diesel - Blue - Male - SOLD - no longer avalable

This big boy is the largest of the litter at 14 lbs, and has a white chin!. His coat might resemble the mothers full coat.  He will be moving to Tijeras NM soon.1/3/21 he's now 19.4, still the biggest! He will be moving to Tijeras soon.


5 1/2 weeks

Tulpar - Orange - Male  - SOLD no longer available

This big boy is tied for second largest of the litter at 13.6 lbs at 5 wks, and has adorable "dutch" markings. He is the sentinel for the litter, always watching at the door. 1/3/21 he's now 18.8 lbs. We fell in love with this big boy, and were planning to keep him, as he is our 'pick of the litter', but have since decided we are not ready for another breeding pair just yet.  He is going to be a very good guardian! He is now in Washington state.


5 1/2 weeks

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